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Travis Koprowsky

Travis Koprowsky


DisciplineEnduro Competitor

LocationSalmon Arm, BC

Experience5 years Enduro

Beta Rider Since2018


I live in the small town of Salmon Arm BC where the single track is limited but provides great training grounds for the racing I compete in. I spend a lot of time riding and training solo in the neighboring mountains. Started riding at the age of 11 and then racing for the last 5 years. Last year finishing a solid 3rd for my first year in intermediate, the previous year in junior over class was 2nd in the championship and 1st in a separate endurocross series. When I am not riding you can find me in the gym training for upcoming events.


The local Beta dealership in my hometown is second to none. Beta performs at a high level, consistently throughout the long race events. Truly appreciate the power delivery through the large altitude changes we go through.

Race Series 
Pacific North West Motorcycle Association's (PNWMA) BC Off-road championship series, also completed races in the CXCC-West Canadian Cross Country Championship series.
Supporting Dealer 

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