About Beta Canada

BETA Canada is the independent, authorized importer of Betamotor S.P.A. in Canada. We are passionate enduro riders who did not anticipate being in the motorcycle business. It turned out to be an easy decision – Betamotor is a small, successful and passionate motorcycle manufacturer based in the small town of Rignano Sull’ Arno, Italy.  It was BETA's products that first gained our interest but it was the company itself that earned our respect and the desire to become more involved.

If you are considering purchasing a BETA motorcycle we share a commonality, we were once in your shoes.  When searching for a capable, reliable and competitive offroad motorcycle that would carry us to adventure, we discovered this and more when we experienced BETA for the first time.  What surprised us most was how easy it was to own a BETA.  We quickly learned that this was not an average offroad motorcycle, we were spending less time working on our bikes and more time riding.  Our personal motto is now “wrench less….ride more”.

We are off-road riders and the Canadian provider of one of the best off-road motorcycle manufacturers known to the enduro world.  We have the most passionate dealers who also ride, they are ready to serve you. Buy a BETA and experience a bike that will take you where you want to go.