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Félix Fortin-Bélanger

Félix Fortin-Bélanger


DisciplineTrial Competitor, Snowbike

LocationNotre-Dame-Du-Portage, Quebec

Experience21 years trials, 10 years dual sport, 3 years snowbike

Beta Rider Since2004


I like to ride as often as possible! I prefer short trainings everyday rather than too long once a week. This makes it possible to ride at full level. I also enjoy bike trials that help to have a more complete training all around. During summer time, I also ride dual sports and for winter, I jump on the snowbike!


For trials, Beta is the way to go. Those bikes are reliable and powerful. Always start on the first kick. The 300 Evo Factory has a powerful engine, but the power delivery is gentle. I never had to quit a competition, they are trusty. Also, the maintenance is easy and only few things need to be checked once in a while! Just crank and go.

Race Series 
Quebec championship, Canadian championship
Supporting Dealer 

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